Why Using Pallets Good For Weed Control

Some accomplished horticulturalists and landscape architects may wish to advise that it may be almost impossible to eliminate weeds from your garden. How bad the weed infestation is is going to depend on your region’s climate and natural vegetation. The natural weed may be miles from your garden. And nature being the wonder that it is it’s amazing just what one gust of wind can do. Even in a breeze, thousands of weed pollen can fly into your garden.

And proceed to take it over. That’s also thanks in part to the fertile soil you may have prepared for your usual shrubs and organic vegetable patch. Speaking of which, the pallet of st augustine is one of those structures that come recommended to help you deal with the heavy influx of weeds to your garden. The standard practice of establishing a palletized bed runs as follows. The organic vegetable patch is ideal for this practice.

pallet of st augustine

The pallet bed is quite literally a table. It is at at least stomach height. This of course eliminates the need of having to bend over or go down on hands and knees to tend to your vegetables. You are also more focused on what you are doing in front of you. And when it comes to finally harvesting the vegetables and herbs; easy picking, as they say. The obvious advantage here is that at this height you have deceived the weeds.

The average weed only grows to about knee length anyway. Of course, there are those exceptions but they, surely, will be rare. And if you really want to stamp out weeds altogether if, say for example, you just want to focus on organic vegetables for now, you can always install concrete slabs below your palletized table.