Tips For Mastering The Professional Look In Beauty

They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This phrase is very true in everything that we do in life.  When deciding to get into the beauty and fashion industry giving clients professional shaves portland or and haircuts are only the beginning of the process.  It is going to be those that have an eye to see beyond the outer exterior and can really reach into the soul of the individual that will make marks in this industry.

Work outside your comfort zone

We all have a comfort zone that we tend to stay within.  This comfort zone defines our abilities that we know we can achieve.  For those that can look outside their comfort zone are ones that will strive for greatness.  To step outside your comfort zone you need to take a risk.  These risks will sometimes pay off while others won’t.  Having the confidence to try is what will set you apart from others.


Practice makes perfect.  Well, in truth there is no such thing as perfection.  However, with practice we are creating the skills needed to come as close to perfection as we possibly can.  When we practice, we are teaching ourselves new skills and are setting ourselves up to take risks.  Using a mannequin or dummy head will allow us to have the basic materials needed achieve our goals. 


Seek out innovation in yourself and others.  Find likeminded people who are in your areas of skill and connect with them.  When you work with others you can see how they develop their techniques and as a result test and add them to your own. 

The future

professional shaves portland or

The future of cosmetology and beauty is in your hands.  With new likes, styles and trends hitting the industry on a daily basis learning all you can and applying them into your style toolbox will make you well valued in the industry.