Dealing With Zipper Merge On Daily Basis

Those drivers who have no alternative but to negotiate heavy traffic lanes on a daily basis will no doubt be experiencing the so-called zipper merge throughout. How best to explain this phenomenon in layman’s terms? You may for a few moments at least, experience a so-called smooth flow of traffic. You are able to drive yards at a time without having to gently apply the brakes. And then it happens.

Dynamic zipper merge

The zipper merge. Suddenly driving matters appear to grind to a halt. You are now in the midst of bumper to bumper traffic. This is the zipper merge. And so much for keeping to the legal distance from the car in front of you. This distance is necessary to ensure that no accidents or collisions need occur in the event of one car choosing to brake for some or another inexplicable reason. And yet it happens.

A bumper to bumper chain reaction of accidents. You would have thought people would have learned by now. But no. Dynamic zipper merge portable and mobile installations are now helping to ease the flow of traffic on a daily basis. No driver with reasonably good eyesight is bound to miss this notification. It is almost detailed in the sense that it informs drivers ahead of time just how severe the impending bottleneck is.

It also serves notice on how long the driver can expect to be stuck in this traffic if you will. And there will also be notifications in regard to alternative routes that could be utilized to help ease this serious flow of traffic. Or traffic halt. Those drivers who have no alternative but to use these busy lanes could be sympathized with. As for the others who have alternative transport arrangements, no mercy is shown.